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Microsoft pulls faulty Vista update

Interesting to see Microsoft nixing (opens in new tab) the current Vista set of updates following "a small number of customers" being affected by problems in "unique circumstances."

Small number? Utter PR rubbish. Try looking at some of the Vista forums to see how many people have problems Microsoft.

I've got two Vista machines (too many -Ed) and can report both hit problems with KB937287 (opens in new tab), the servicing stack update.

On both machines Windows reported a serious error/change had occurred, pushing both PCs into a recursive boot-up loop that could only be exited by entering safe mode and doing a restore to an earlier timepoint.

I've since removed the update details from both machines on account of life being too short to solve Microsoft's problems with Vista, but I strongly suspect the problem are caused by Microsoft's updates being in the wrong order, so causing serious problems with the Windows Genuine Advantage utility.

Which, as we all know, is a utility you do not want to upset, as it sends Vista into nasty tailspin.

The bad news, of course, is that KB937287 is an `important' update and installs automatically on many users' PCs. And it also has to be run if Vista SP1 can be fully installed.

But since Vista SP1 is reported (opens in new tab) to introduce speed reductions of up to 50 per cent (opens in new tab) on some PC interactions, you may be better skipping the latest rash of updates for Vista entirely.

I think I need to lie down somewhere quiet...