Skype clocked 100 billion free minutes

Shortly before Skype got an award at the Global Mobile Awards 2008 in Barcelona for its innovative Skypephone, the Ebay-owned company announced that it managed to connect its users for a mind boggling 100 billion minutes since the beginning of the service in 2003; that's more than 60 million free minutes per day.

Skype did not mention how many minutes of paid-for calls were made by its customers, although based on estimates, this should add another 10 percent to that number.

Google has been rumoured to be interested in buying Skype and its 276m registered users worldwide, 30 million of which joined Skype in Q4 2007 to give a welcomed boost to Android and Google Talk.

For those who love statistis, according to Wikipedia, although Skype saw a substantial increase in the number of user accounts, the actual number of Skype to Skype minutes is on a downward slope, falling from 7.7 billion in Q1 to 6.1 billion minutes in Q4.

Erick Schonfeld from Techcrunch however is less enthused, pointing out that it is Ebay who is footing the bill (a huge $3.1 billion bill) for the communication cost, with each minute costing 3p for Ebay.