Will T-Mobile introduce unlimited calls plan?

Fixed Mobile Convergence services are slowly coming to the market; T-Mobile US has introduced a service called @home which allows you to use your mobile handset as your landline phone when you are in or very near to your house; a compelling proposition since many people actually use their mobile phones at home to make calls.

A broadband connection with wireless capability is needed though as the wireless calls made in house are routed via Internet.

The @home launch in the US could be the prelude to a similar product launch by T-Mobile UK.

The subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom has already launched Homezone in Germany and it could only a matter ot time before it reaches us.

With the impending move by O2 to implement Femtocells - a sure sign of FMC adoption, and Three's partnership with VoIP champions Skype, the only remaining actor to launch such a service will be Vodafone.

BT's own Fusion FMC service did not fare well as the Telecoms giant fails to sign people onto this grand scheme; only 40,000 people have enrolled while BT was confident, back in 2005 that 1 million would not be an unrealistic target.

Orange also has an offering called Unique which allows you to use a single phone instead of a fixed line and a mobile, automatically switching between the two depending on your location.