Windows Vista SP1 - slower than the original

Those readers unfortunate enough to be running Vista may have been tempted to download Service Pack 1 in the last week or so, but you may be more than a little disappointed.

Early reports confirm previous comments that Vista SP1 isn't exactly a speed demon. Crave, for example, notes that most of SP1's enhancements are driver-related, which means that only PCs that have been regularly updated will see any speed improvements.

Perhaps worse is the news that - incredibly - some tasks, such as copying files across USB 2.0 connections - are now 50 per cent slower.

ZDnet has carried out a full set of benchmarks on Vista SP1 and compared it to Windows XP SP2.

The results are as you might think: "Looking at the data there's only one conclusion that can be drawn - Windows XP SP2 is faster than Windows Vista SP1," says the reviewer.

According to my calculations, Windows XP SP2 beat Vista SP1 in eleven of the fifteen benchmark tests, whilst the reverse was only true in two cases.

I could say I told you so. I could throw darts at the Vista logo. I'm just incredibly sad that Visa has turned out this way.

I'm also sad that my Dell XPS laptop's power-saving routines are inextricably linked with Vista. Running Vista, the laptop runs for six hours. Running XP, it lasts for just three hours. (ed: Surely it is the other way round) Thanks Dell. Thanks Microsoft...