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Dubai banks hiring hackers (no word on if a drug test is needed)

Dubai, as Adam pointed out, is in something of a branding quandary. A hard line - some would say a retrograde and counterproductive line - on victimless crime doesn't mix well with an image as a fun spot for the well-heeled.

Meanwhile, there's this (opens in new tab) (from Emirates Business 24-7, retrieved 2/21/2008):

Dubai-based banks are recruiting former hackers to shore up their information security systems, said an information technology expert.

Addel Wahab Ahmed Mostafa, an IT consultant and chief of the technical committee at information company UAE Data Warehouse PM, said banks were hiring hackers in a bid to stay one step ahead of potential breaches.

Most of the big organisations are employing ex-hackers.

In Dubai banks are hiring hackers to protect themselves because how else do you protect yourself from hackers?

You must figure out the measures they use and use them yourself.

He said 60 per cent of hacking originated inside organisations or was carried out by former employees.

(emphasis mine)

I see a mixed message being sent here. And by the way, from the tone of the article it is clear the "ex-hacker" doesn't mean "broke the law ten years ago", so let's not start that flame war.