All your health data belongs to Google

Google will start importing data from volunteers at the Cleveland Clinic; each profile will contain information about prescriptions, allergies and medical histories according to Associated Press and will be protected by the same password used to access other Google services.

The expansion of Google into health data comes as the Internet giant says that its search engine is already the starting point for people looking for more information about a specific illness or disease.

Google Health was first announced back in May 2006 and is a cause for concerns about privacy advocates especially as health records could potentially be used for marketing purposes.

The service will allow users to build online health profiles amongst others and pull information from doctors and pharmacies.

Google Health is the first service that can be used by a government as a substitute to an existing proprietary system; if successful, Google Health could be released as a white label solution for clinics and health trusts.

Google could potentially sell Google Health as a paid-for service with a free ad-supported version in the pipeline as well, as mentioned by SEO By the Sea.