ATI Radeon X800 GT All In Wonder PCI-E - £23.44

The Radeon X800 GT sets a new standard in performance and value making an ideal upgrade for 3D gaming quality graphics.
The Radeon X800 GT is a perfect complement to Microsoft Windows XP Media Center Edition with DVI, VGA and S-Video output and full-featured multimedia support for analog and digital displays, including HDTV.
The Radeon X800 GT features an efficient single slot design and ATI's break through image enhancement technology, including 3Dc , SmartShader HD , SmoothVision HD and Hyper Z HD , to offer High-Definition gaming power with unparalleled value.
Item is OEM and comes with Cables and Drivers
Please note The current stock unfortunately does not include the ATI Remote Wonder
On sale at Aria for a whoppingly low £23.44.