Data Centres : Demands for Power

As demand increases and supply naturally becomes shorter, the prices of even not so good data centres are rising significantly, as a result, a shift is beginning to happen where smaller operators are looking to build their own.

But this brings with it other challenges. The infrastructure needs to be more robust, more efficient and easier to manage than previously.

Of course, with more regulation inevitably coming down the line, the requirements on data centres to become more energy efficient will become greater.

From our research, we believe that no more than 60% of data centre managers are even thinking about, let alone have any plans in place, to accommodate new regulation.

Data centres certainly have the potential to reduce their power consumption and there is a real sense of urgency in the industry to address this issue through smart design ...programmes like The Green Grid and innovative natural cooling solutions like those talked about by Yahoo and BT are excellent examples of this.

Design solutions for a carbon restricted economy will need to take account of every aspect of the data centre from the chip through the system level to the sources of the power it uses.

However, in parallel to technical design enhancements there is a drive towards reducing power consumption by more efficient processes and operations... and the challenge to data centre operators is to improve their energy consumption efficiency at a pace that keeps them clear of regulatory intervention.