Fujitsu to release 500GB laptop hard disk drive

Fujitsu is the third laptop drive manufacturer to release a 500GB laptop hard disk drive although with a height of 12.5mm, it will not fit in most laptops.

What the MHZ2 BT will do though is make sure that the price of 500GB laptop hard drives will fall fairly quickly to the great joy of laptop manufacturers and data centre owners.

The drive utilises three disk platters and comes with a SATA interface with an average seek time of 12ms and a spin speed of 4200rpm, slower than the 5400rpm of the Hitachi and Samsung drives.

The hard drive will also be a useful addition to digital video recorders and set top boxes although manufacturers will have to cater for the non-standard 12.5mm thickness.

The drives consume only 1.8w for read and write operations - ideal for power efficient setups and data centres - and are expected to come to market in May 2008.