OFCOM announces fourth spectrum auction results

Vnunet reveals that BT, Orange and T-Mobile are amongst the ten companies which have received licences for the 10GHz to 40GHHz UK frequency bands

This fourth spectrum auction carried out by OFCOM will be used primarily for high speed broadband which is heralded as the next big thing.

Other companies which have managed to purchase licenses include Arqiva - which is an O2 partner, UK Broadband and Digiweb; it remains to be seen what the smaller companies will do with their spectrum blocks.

An Orange spokesperson told Silicon that the company had entered the auction for 'operational reasons' and will be used for connecting their 2G and 3G networks.

T-Mobile snapped 11 national lots in all for more than £320,000 with Red-M services grabbing a single 28GHz sub3 Lots for only £10,000.

All the results are published on the Ofcom website (PDF document).