20 months in prison for selling pirated Beatles tracks

The long arm of the IFPA seems to have reached Brazil, it seems, as the operator of a Beatles Web site has been jailed there for flogging pirated versions of Beatles MP3 tracks.

According to newswire reports, the un-named operator of the site was flogging MP3 compilations of Beatles tracks in MP3 format but - get this - he was using his bank account to receive the $7.00 payments from punters and then posting the tracks out.

Despite this rather easy trail, it took the specialist cybercrime police division in San Paulo a total of five months to track him down.

Impressive stuff eh?

The 18th Criminal Court of San Paulo sentenced the pirate Web site operator to one year and eight months imprisonment, after he was found guilty of selling more than 140 copies of his CD-ROM.

Fancy a jollyday in Brazil then? Not on your nellie...