60g mini phone, ideal as Pub partner

Small Electronics outfit Onyx reckons its Liscio mobile phone might be the perfect partner to take to the pub as it is so small.

However, at 91 x 35 x 18mm and weighing less than 60g, that's probably not something we would do.

The £129.99 SIM free phone is so small that you would probably lose it anyway if you get too drunk after downing your pints.

Its keys are also unbelievably small which would make it slightly difficult for a drunken ET to call home.

The reflective finish of the Liscio can also double as a mirror and the phone apparently sustain three hours worth of alcohol inhibited breath talk.

Other features include a nice OLED display, 128MB worth of internal storage and a SD card slot, support for Bluetooth, a USB port and a FM radio - just in case you want to listen to footie results.

There's no camera and seriously though, if you were after a rock solid, cheap phone, our money would be on the slim and cheap Sony Ericsson J110i black (see below) which costs only £2.95 when you buy £10 airtime.