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Financial Times new executive virtual club launched

Pink paper, the Financial Times (opens in new tab), has joined the club of social networking websites owners with the release of the aptly named FT Media and Technology Executive Membership Forum which, although it bears the title 'forum', is in fact a social networking website aimed at those with deeper pockets (or higher towers).

According to Netimperative (opens in new tab), the forum comes with a number of socially aware tools and is aimed at executives working within the digital, new media, mobile and telecoms sectors.

Financial times owns three Executive membership forums but only one, the Telecoms, Media and Online (opens in new tab)one has an online presence with the rest following later this year.

According to their website, membership will offer a complete package of networking and information tools both online and offline.

The forum will enable its members to 'make and maintain contact with peers and luminaries operating within the Digital, New Media, Mobile and Telecoms sectors - and to stay in touch with the key issues facing fellow members and the technology industry as a whole.'

Other member benefits include a complimentary conference passes, access to podcasts and presentations, secure online member networking tools, a 12 month subscription to and a few more perks.

As you might guess it though, the price to join with the Murdochs and the Bransons of the world does not come cheap - relatively speaking - although at £1,700+VAT for the 12 month standard subscription, it is seriously good value for money for those looking to grow their business networks.

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