Google is UK most loved brand

A survey conducted by research company Superbrands found out that Google still tops the list of UK's top 500 brands based on data collected from a sample of 1,500 professionals.

Ironically, BBC reports that Google replaced the Beeb - now at number three - at the apex and is the only 'teen' company in the top 50.

Surprisingly, given the lukewarm welcome to Windows Vista, Microsoft came second while uber cool Apple fell from eighth to eleventh, although they launched the iPhone, the MacBook air and a host of other applications.

There were only two technology-based companies within the top 10; Apple and Vodafone ranked 11th and 25th respectively with Nokia, IBM, HP, RIM, Cisco, Ebay and Intel amongst the others in the top 100.

Senior business leaders also contributed their views to the report whose conclusion was that companies should hold their nerves during those difficult times.

And anxiety was certainly in the air as British companies cut back their advertising budgets substantially as they brace up for a nervous 2008.