Startup promises fat discounts on memory

Headed by ex AMD CTO, Fred Weber, MetaRAM is causing a lot of stir, primarily because it does what it says on the tin, extra high capacity RAM at rock bottom prices.

While processors have followed Moore's law and have seen the number of cores doubling almost every year, RAM has not followed the same course... until now.

MetaRAM allows tons of cheap memory to be bonded together easily without the need for hard to source modules or extra trickery.

Memory is expensive and server memory is even more expensive. 2GB worth of DDR2 memory costs around £28 while 2GB worth of server memory can cost as much as £108, nearly four times.

Adding more memory using MetaRAM comes with a few inconveniences like increased latency and greater power consumption.

As for the savings; they could go up to 90 percent; The Register says that a box of 256GB of memory would cost $500,000 when a MetaRAM enabled box using ordinary DIMM could cost as little as $50,000.

Smart Modular, one of MegaRAM customer, has said that it will start selling 8GB DIMM memory for $1500 - a premium price except that there are no similar parts available right now at that price.

An interesting footnote: Intel and AMD are both firm backers of MetaRAM, which bodes well for the company.