Trend Micro snaps UK-based Encryption company

Trend Micro, the company behind Housecall and Office Scan, has purchased Identum, which sells email encryption and cryptography solutions for an undisclosed sum.

The company has its roots in the cryptography department of Bristol's University and sells an AES-based encryption package called Private Post which uses public keys based on the recipients email address and a global public key.

Identum range of products will be integrated into Trend Micro's existing range of products and services.

According to Eva Chen, CEO and co-founder of Trend Micro, the goal of this acquisition is to ensure an even safer, more secure Internet experience for the company's global customers.

"Our team of cryptography experts is excited at the opportunity to join Trend Micro, a company lauded for its innovative security solutions," said Andy Dancer, chief technical officer of Identum.

Infoworld posits that Trend Micro is likely to add Identum's capabilities to its InterScan messaging hosted security products and strengthen its Software-as-a-service offerings.