10Gbps Ethernet adapter to ease data centre congestion

Networking specialist Neterion has released a 10Gbps Ethernet adapter which promised to reduce data congestion in virtualised data centres in a bid to eliminate IO bottlenecks with what it calls 'single-root IO virtualisation'.

The X3100 series was released at the VMworld Europe and is compatible with VMware ESX Server 3.5 and VMware ESX Server 3, enabling speeds of up to 4x that of previous versions of VMWare ESX server.

A key new feature in VMware ESX Server 3.5 is the NetQueue API, which optimises high-speed networking in virtualised server and storage environments.

According to Computerweekly, the X3100 gets rid of potential bottlenecks by "enabling multiple guest operating systems of a virtual environment to share one physical adapter."

There are apparently no limits to the number of operating systems which can connect to one adaptor, thanks for virtualisation.

The X3100 is also the first one to support SR-IOV 1.0 (Single-Root I/O Virtualisation) standard that promotes a 'one network adapter, many operating systems' mantra.