Coming soon to a cinema near you: Untraceable

Every so often there's a movie that appeals to yours truly - Sneakers, Hackers - you get the drift. Well now there's a new movie on the near horizon called Untraceable.

Due in movie theatres (and presumably on BitTorrent -Ed) at the end of the month, the movie is reportedly about a Saw-like murderer who tortures his victims using brutal gizmos whilst broadcasting their agony over the Internet.

The plot I can leave, but I'm interested in the technology. How sad is that?

The movie went in my estimation when I saw a review last night that said it was unbelievable, unrealistic and unwatchable.

They said something pretty similar about Jumper, the new Samuel (L) Jackson movie, which I found reasonably entertaining.

Watch out for the movie next month - here's the pre-review...