Gartner Business Process Management Summit

Whether you are a BPM expert, beginner or somewhere in-between, our conference will be your wisest investment for 2008.

This year's theme is Create and Sustain a Continuous Process Improvement Culture and it will span the whole of BPM. The focus on "creation" will apply to those new to BPM — how do I get started?

"Sustain" is for those who have a BPM effort underway and want to keep it sharp.

There is something for everyone. We will cover BPM from a technical perspective: BPMS vendors, infrastructure, and best practices.

We will also exhort BPM's management challenges: organizational design, roles and responsibilities, strategic planning, metrics and methods.

BPM is a management capability enabled by technology assets. T

o consider either alone — to focus only on technology or management oversight — is to invite risk.

Seek agility (the conference virtual track) through BPM.

Consider our roadmap for success, the BPM Maturity Model, plan effectively, acquire the best-fit vendors, and effectively staff and motivate your enterprise.

These are your secrets to BPM success.

The event will take place in London at the Royal Lancaster Hotel on the 28th, 29th and 30th of April 2008.

To find more about this event and to register, go here.