Ultra cheap PCs to fuel computer hardware growth

The heat on the big Taiwanese computer Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) is turning up as major computer makers such as HP, Acer and Asustek have unveiled their plans to sell ultra cheap laptops and desktops.

Winstron, Quanta and Pegatron are amongst the few OEMs which have been selected to build up to 13 million low cost computers in 2008 selling for as low as $200.

HP is the latest tier-one computer manufacturer to announce that it will debut a new product called the Mini-NB, a minuscule sub-notebook with a tiny price tag and aimed at the entry level.

The Asus EEE PC, based on the original Intel Classmate blueprint chassis, was the one which opened the floodgates.

We're witnessing a number of similar ventures not only from big companies but also from smaller outlets; Aware and Fonetastic are selling the £99 Simple PC.

There are also a number of low cost desktop computers and All in One projects that have been announced by Asus already, as part of the drive to market more EEE-based products.

The news comes as Sony revealed that they were very nervous about the market being flooded from the bottom by cheap computers.