2008 flavours of SQL Server, Windows Server and Visual Studio launched

After pleasing the younger generation of geek developers with the Dreamspark Scheme, UK Microsoft has launched a trio of applications aimed at the UK corporate market.

SQL Server 2008, Windows Server 2008, and Visual Studio 2008 have been introduced in UK as part of a worldwide marketing bash, "Heroes Happen Here", where you can celebrate an inspire customer heroes also known as the back office geeks, exemplified by the lads from IT Crowd.

Windows Server 2008, formerly known as Longhorn Server, will be available in eight different versions and across three distinct segments; Standard, Enterprise and Datacentre.

Central to the launch is Virtualisation which has finally been pushed up the feature list by Microsoft.

Virtualisation, Microsoft claims, will help drive down business costs especially as only 5 percent of servers are currently virtualised.

Microsoft has also turned the screws on security issues with a better set of management tools and less patching and maintenance in the pipeline.

Gordon Frazer, the managing director of Microsoft UK, stressed that 80 percent of IT spend is on maintaining existing systems with the rest being dedicated to IT innovation.