Data Centres : Demand Versus Supply

The demand for data centres (and specifically data storage space) is growing at an exponential rate.

As the world moves even more towards an electronic environment, the demands for the management and storage of data increase with it.

The internet, email, electronic documents are the obvious, but consider this … every single credit card transaction that is made needs storage – not just once, but many times!

So, where does this leave data centres?

The truth is that the demand for space far outstrips supply at the moment … and what is left is not very good! Since the dot com collapse and the telco crash of the early 2000’s there simply hasn’t been the money to invest in maintaining existing data centres and there hasn’t been the money to build new.

Consequently, the good data centres are full and the not so good are not so good!

So what is needed? Not just more, but better data centres. By 2010 half of all data centres will be running out of power.

Existing data centres will need to be aware of this today and to plan for upgrade of power and supporting plant.

We estimate that at least 75% of existing data centres are running on hardware that will be redundant or illegal by 2015. Data centres must start planning for this now.

70% of all medium to large data centres could cut losses by 45% overnight through power control and by taking advantage of the major advances in virtualisation.

Demand is growing, supply is short and getting shorter. Infrastructure needs to be more robust and, existing data centres must start looking at how they will manage power, efficiency and regulation now!