Google goes after Microsoft Sharepoint

Google relaunched Google Sites yesterday as the search giant looks to take on Microsoft Sharepoint with a host of free tools.

Google Sites is a rebranded Jotspot which Google acquired in 2006. The start-up offered a mix of Wiki and Collaboration tools which fit nicely in Google's vision of collaborative environment.

Sharepoint represents a small but growing part of Microsoft revenue and the Redmond-based company Chief Financial Officer recently said that the collaborative platform would pull in $1 billion per year for the company.

Google sites main attribute is that it is free, at least for now and aims squarely at Small and Medium Businesses and individuals and it comes as part of the Google Apps package.

Google recently added Google Team Edition for organisations which were looking to use Google Apps as a secondary platform without having to move everything over.

Apps include services like Gmail, Calendar, Talk, Docs and a few other goodies, which are all free and which are uncannily easy to use; which is ideal for users which are not looking for advanced features.

Sites works like a Wiki although Google omitted this term in the press release it sent.

Webaware has a short preview of Google Sites and mentions the fact that you can embed files from Google Docs straight into the Sites.