'Vista Capable' lawsuit gets green light from judge

A lawsuit was granted class-action status by a federal judge surround the accusation that Microsoft financially benefited from promoting PCs are 'Windows Vista Capable' when they could only run 'Vista Home Basic'.

During the 2006 holiday shopping period, advertising campaigns promoted Windows Vista Capable computers and consumers who purchased those computers were later told that they could only run the basic version of Vista which comes without the bells and whistles without an upgrade.

According to an article published in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, the lawsuit could eventually spill over to include participants in the related Microsoft Express Upgrade program which gave low cost or free upgrades to Windows Vista.

Shipping Vista compatible computers through the Express Upgrade allowed Microsoft to boost its overall number of licences shipped worldwide, a vital component that it needed to achieve its targets.

Microsoft has responded in a statement that they are currently reviewing the court's ruling.