A deeper look at Google Health

Google's current strategy to bring in revenue is currently based on two things: advertising and content; organise the data into meaningful content and the crowd will pour in, bringing in more advertising money.

That's the approach that Google chose to follow with Google Health and Google has already applied for a patent entitled "Method and apparatus for serving advertisements in an electronic medical record system".

Marissa Mayer revealed more about Google Health complete with two interesting screen captures of the service in progress; the image (which you can see here) shows a page where the user can manipulate and view his health profile.

The interface used is clear and will appeal to users who want to find facts fast and Meyer has also mentioned that Google Health, like iGoogle for example, will allow third-party services to use it as a platform.

Google Health also aims at reducing the paper trail and the amount of effort put in transferring data between patients, doctors and organisations.

Gigaom mentions about the potential implications of Google launching Google Health and backing 23andMe, a web-based service that helps you read and understand your DNA, offering exciting possibilities like cross referencing health records from each database.

Google won't sell or share your data without your explicit permission Mayer says; but this doesn't rule out advertising. Viagra pills anyone?