Fujitsu Siemens Dual Core Server, £126.99

PRIMERGY Econel servers are the best choice when funds are limited but server availability, performance, and uncomplicated operation are important.
PRIMERGY Econel only uses "server-certified components" developed for round-the-clock operation, thus providing lower running costs than with a PC – and all that at a price level rivaling that of a PC! I
n addition, a server must ensure that only the right data is delivered to your client network.
On sale at Ebuyer for only £126.99

- Latest Intel processor generation, onboard RAID for up to 4 SATA easy change hard disks, DDR2 SDRAM PC2-4200, PCI-Express I/O slots
- High performance thru latest technology with low running cost in operation
- The Intel® E7230 chipset is supporting EM64Technology.
- Choose and pay only the power your applications need
- Secure your investment
- Dual-Core processor, provides two execution cores in one processor socket
- Allowing the platform to do more in less time, IT departments can consolidate applications and get higher efficiency out of your IT.
- mirror (RAID 1) for disks integrated with SATA, ECC (Error correction code), PRIMERGY ServerView Suite
- Server proven components and data safety from memory to disk, easy to install and manage
- Sound reduction by thought out ventilation concept
- Absolutely quiet system, thus optimized for use in offices