Is Tiscali about to kiss UK goodbye?

Embattled Internet Service Provider Tiscali has fired its CEO and is pondering whether it should sell its broadband business including its crown jewel, 2 million UK internet subscribers.

Vodafone and Sky are reportedly interested in acquiring Tiscali UK; Tommaso Pompei, its former CEO, had announced back in January 2008 that the company would expect its businesses to be purchased by 2010 by bigger rivals.

Tiscali has been often associated with mediocre support and sub-par quality of service and internet speed.

It came last in a recent survey with a paltry 1.72mbps speed and has often been caught blocking users' traffic although it came on top of another customer satisfaction survey in December 2007.

Tiscali acquired Pipex back in June 2007 and has actively promoted its new landline phone service as well as its Video on Demand services.

The Italian-based copany, which is also UK's fourth largest ISP, has also announced that it will relaunch Toucan Mobile which runs on the T-Mobile network.