CEBIT : New Asus' EEE PC to sport Windows XP

Idealo and PC Pro write that Asus is set to launch a Windows XP, UMTS enabled version of its popular Asus EEE laptop at the forthcoming CEBIT 2008 conference.

Asus has confirmed that T-Mobile and Microsoft will both be part of a press conference that should see a beefier Asus EEE laptop be unveiled complete with UMTS capability.

Engadget also found out that Asus is going to unveil a host of new peripherals for the Asus EEE family which will include a USB VoIP phone, an EEE access point, a 3.5G HSDPA card and many more gadgets.

The new Asus EEE will probably come with a 8-inch screen, with a larger 8GB solid-state disk, 1GB memory and a customised version of Windows XP, probably its embedded version, to make full use of the relatively small Flash storage capacity on the laptop.

PC Advisor reports that more than 350,000 Asus EEE laptops have already been sold worldwide in less than 100 days and an upgraded version will certainly prove to be a hit.

The EEE could be the ideal partner for service-subsidised hardware offer that the Carphone Warehouse and others are looking into in order to promote mobile wireless broadband.