Data Centres and the Environment

As Planet Earth slides gloomily towards a deepening environmental catastrophe, it seems as though we cannot move without our social consciences being stabbed from messages like Recycle! Regenerate! Cut waste! Kyoto! Go green! Offset your carbon!

On a personal level, there are simple steps that we can take – recycle household rubbish, take the bus and leave the car at home, but when it comes to the grown up stuff and the infrastructure that the country depends upon; does this thinking go out of the window?

Cut to data centres: huge electronic warehousing facilities the country is seemingly becoming more and more dependant upon.

Typically, these next generation factories house an institution's data necessary for its operations: bank account information and transactions, utility records, core governmental operations… all are deeply embedded in these establishments.

The ideological benefits of these power-hungry beasts are well established but in the opposing corner, the environmentalists are starting to wage war.