Intel set to 'Atomise' rivals with new platform

Intel has renamed its Silverthorne and Diamondville family of microprocessors as Atom processors, a move that will see the chip giant strike at the lower end of the market and replicates what the mobile industry has been doing by launching more affordable mobile phones.

The Atom family will cater for low power, low performance utility computing and will be ideal for Ultra Mobile computers like the Asus EEE, whose popularity apparently inspired Intel.

Online Techie website Anandtech has a review of the Intel Atom and Intel Centrino Atom and reveals that the first processors should be launched in Q2 this year.

What differentiates Atom from other Intel processors and indeed other rivals' models is the fact that it will have a very low power dissipation/consumption while running at a relatively high speed.

Intel also launched the Intel Centrino Atom platform, formerly known as Menlow, during the weekend which aims at the Mobile Internet Devices with a screen size of 6-inch or less or MIDs and brings in 3G and Wimax support.

According to the company, the 47-million transistors Atoms will be built on Intel's new 45nm manufacturing facilities which will lower the overall costs.

Atom will be used in ultra cheap computers and laptops as well as embedded systems.