IPTV stutters despite iPlayer and 4OD success

IPTV watch reports that 4oD, Channel4's streaming and downloading service has clocked more than 100 million views and downloads since it was released two years ago.

The number of people has been rising exponentially with a 110 percent increase since the 1st of January 2008 with 6 million streams or downloads, a long way though from BBC's iPlayer which has 11 million streams in January 2008.

4oD is available via Virgin Media cable TV, Tiscali TV and BT Vision where it is available to an estimated 2.3 million users.

Thinkbroadband suggests that the popularity of the iPlayer has caused people to look for similar services for other mainstream channel.

BBC has already announced plans to release an iPlayer-like platform, called Kangaroo, which will include content from ITV and Channel4.

Times Online reports that less than one in five Britons have watched a TV stream or download TV programmes from the web.

Virgin media remains the most popular service followed by 4oD and BBC's iPlayer, Joost, BT Vision and Tiscali TV.

However, the lack of transparency, constraining Digital Rights Management solutions and the lack of portability (you can't view a movie downloaded via iPlayer on an iPod) could explain why IPTV is not as popular as it could be.

It is still the early years for IPTV though and the next big test will come when internet service providers will have to brace themselves for a surge in IPTV viewing later this year with the Olympics in China and Euro 2008.