Malware creators work in teams to create better code

Criminals and crooks are collaborating in new ways to increase the efficiency of their malware codes according to Security firm Pandalabs.

The Register writes that malware authors are now participating in discussion forums and exchanging their knowledge of existing security applications; there are even job offers and brainstorming threads where new malware ideas are evaluated and tested.

Pandalabs has uncovered new tools that cyber-crooks are using to test their virus and other malware before releasing them on the net.

One particular tool allowed hackers to check their latest creations against existing anti-virus tools and replicates Virus Total's capabilities.

Hispasec is an online virus and malware scanner which analyses suspicious files and enables the quick detection of viruses, worms and others and more than 30 security companies collaborate in this project.

This allows the malware creators to reduce their time to 'market' and quickens the production of viruses and other nasties as they look to stay away from headlines and under the media radar.

Luis Corrons, Panda Labs technical director saw an increasing interest in this tool increased when the 'do not distribute the sample' option was removed which meant that files could be scanned without sending the sample to security companies to scan.