Microsoft ups the ante with Giga Datacentre

Nicholas Carr from Roughtype writes that Microsoft will drop a massive bomb during the MIX08 conference in Las Vegas; the big news, it is understood, will be the announcement of 24 new data centres worldwide, each with a footprint of 500,000 square feet or more and that's the first phase of Microsoft's plan.

At 12 million square feet, these data centres will be bigger than the Vatican and 50 percent larger than IBM's own server base and although there has been no details published as to where they will be built, a large portion will probably be built in Asia and EMEA to cater for the growing number of Internet users.

Also, it is unsure whether Microsoft will use the data centres for future projects or for its own services as it moves to Software-as-a-service.

Amazon, Google, IBM and Sun Microsystems are already feverishly building dozens of data centres all over the world and it comes as no surprise that Microsoft wants to join the bandwagon, just like it did back in 1995 when Bill Gates made a 180 degrees and bundled Internet Explorer 3.0 with Windows 95.

Microsoft's investment in Data centres and Cloud computing also marks a new phase where the company will try to out to re-engineer itself to become more network focused, although a significant portion of its revenues are still derived from desktop-bound apps like Windows and Office.

Data Center Knowledge affirms that Microsoft could deploy Data-Centres-in-a-container fairly quickly to catch up with demand.