Mozilla wants to rule the Mobile browsing market

Opensource firm Mozilla is looking to take the mobile internet browsing market by storm by partnering with mobile operators.

Mozilla wants to release a version of Firefox that will run on Linux distributions with a smaller footprint and Microsoft's Windows Mobile.

There's no plans for a Windows CE or a Symbian version in the pipeline although there have been rumours that a Symbian model could come this year; Symbian has a bigger marketshare than the rest of the operating system, commanding an impressive 72 percent, compare to Microsoft's 7 percent.

Mobile Firefox will be free according to Mike Schroepfer, Mozilla's vice president of engineering and operators will be able to customise it according to their needs.

Competitors in the field would include Opera, Safari - which runs on the iPhone only, Microsoft and Nokia's proprietary browser.

It will be interesting to see whether Firefox will be adopted by Google as the de facto internet browser for its Android platform; given the excellent relations that Google enjoys with Firefox, it wouldn't be a surprise if that's the case.

Mozilla is currently working with Intel and ARM to make sure that the Mobile Firefox works on ARM11 and Intel based processors.