Bigger 8.9-inch EEE laptop snapped

It was rumoured and it was possibly planned long time ago; the Asus EEE new generation laptop, also known as EEE PC 900, now comes with a 8.9-inch LCD screen.

The increase in screen size will not be accompanied by a substantial decrease in battery life according to insiders - roughly between 2.5 and 3 hours - and will allow resolutions of 1024x600 pixels, the same as most Ultra Mobile laptops on the market.

Paul Miller from Engadget, spoke to Asus's Boris Musemic who showed the Engadget journalist a 8GB model of the EEE PC 900 laptop which now sports a much thinner bezel.

An updated 12GB model with a 9-inch screen and 1GB memory will be introduced in mid-2008 and could offer Windows XP as a paid-for option.

The new EEE PC announcement comes as Intel announced a new platform aimed at cheap ultra mobile computers called Atom.

It is not known whether the new Asus will come with Atom inside or if we will have to wait for the third generation of the EEE to get it.

The EEE PC 900 will cost substantially more than the current first generation EEE laptops

This has lead some observers to claim that the price difference between the EEE and forthcoming competing models from HP and Acer could make it more difficult for Asus to emulate the successful run of the initial EEE.