Considerations for technology choices when building a compliant foundation

One of the key building blocks in a compliance foundation is the storage solution used to archive essential digital records.

Choosing an appropriate storage strategy can strengthen your ability to meet data authenticity requirements, provide greater overall system flexibility and reduce support and maintenance costs over the life of the archive.

These are all issues that can enhance your ability to achieve regulatory compliance.

There are many technologies available for long-term storage of data, each with their own individual merits.

However, in respect to building a foundation for compliance, you only need to compare their specifications against the required attributes.

You should select a storage technology that delivers record authenticity, has long data life to reduce the frequency of data migration, and reduces the risk of data loss, corruption or tampering.

Selecting a technology solution that meets these fundamental requirements will establish the best foundation for compliance and help you capitalise on the potential that lies within your data.

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