Macao's government Web site hacked

According to Far Eastern newswire reports, the Web site of the government of Macao has been hacked, with the pages effectively hi-jacked.

The Xinhua newswire - one not normally noted for its candour when it comes open news - says that the online directory page of Macao's Public Administration and Civil Service Bureau (SAFP) was hacked last Saturday.

Officials claim that the site came back up later in the weekend, but they have not revealed how the hackers gained unauthorised access.

The Macao government claims that, since the Web site only provides public information, the hi-jacking does not pose any serious concerned, as no private data was lost.

Despite this, however, Macao's Judiciary Police says it has launched an investigation into the case.

During the hack, the Web page displayed an emblem of a rose and crescent moon with the inscription "We love Mohammed," with the hacker reportedly signing the page with his/her email address,

How dumb is that?...