Microsoft and Nokia to collaborate on Web Video platform

Microsoft will bring its Silverlight technology to tens of millions of Nokia handsets in a deal between the two companies that is non-exclusive.

Nokia, the world's largest telephone manufacturer, will bundle Silverlight with its Series 60 smartphone first and the Series 40 devices and Mobile Internet Devices (MIDs), such as the popular N800, later this year.

Nokia's phones rely exclusively on the Symbian platform and until now more than 150 million S60 phones have been sold so far.

Silverlight is Microsoft's answer to Adobe's Flash technology which is the dominant platform for content distribution online and is used on most popular websites including Microsoft's own, Youtube, Myspace and Facebook.

The software giant is now trying to increase its presence markedly to give Web developers the necessary incentive to develop rich internet applications using Silverlight.

Microsoft already has Macintosh and Windows version of Silverlight and is apparently working on Linux version with its preferred Open source partner, Novell.

According to Cnet, Microsoft is also preparing a Windows Mobile version for the end of this year which will bring Silverlight to other Smartphones like the HTC Touch.

As 'Coopetitors', Nokia and Microsoft have grew closer in the recent yeas : Nokia has used Microsoft's Playready DRM technology and has bundled Windows Media Player and Windows Live Services with its mobile phones.