UAE ATM hacked for seven days

Looks like a major security incident has taken place in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), where the Central Bank has warned that one of its ATMs was "compromised" during the period 19th to 25th of February this year.

Newswire reports suggest that unknown fraudsters installed a card reader inside the cash machine to read the data, and then used a video camera to record punter's PINs.

The bank says it has contacted the issuers of all the cards used during the period to warn about the problem, although the location of the ATM has not been disclosed.

On the face of it, it looks like a routine card skimming fraud, although what worries me is that the bank says in its release that the reader was installed inside the machine, rather than outside, as is normally the case with these types of frauds.

It also remains unclear whether the fraudsters have been caught, or merely that the bank has spotted the presence of the card reader and video camera on the machine.

Mind you, you've got to hand it to the Central Bank for being straight up over the fraud. In the UK the banks seem to have a big carpet for sweeping details of such incidents under...