Underground Music site starts selling DRM-free music

7Digital might not be a household name in the iTunes-dominated online music industry, but it has managed to do what Apple's site could do.

The online music store has signed a deal with Major studio, Warner Music to distribute the label's music, DRM free in Europe, in MP3 format.

Warner Music represents artists such as Madonna, Fleetwood Mac, REM and the agreement could possibly be the breakthrough that observers reckoned could get other Majors to dump DRM.

Ben Drury, CEO of 7digital.com said: "7digital.com is excited to be Warner Music's first major partner in Europe to bring MP3s to the marketplace.

'Our 1.2 million registered customer base has proved to us that MP3s sell very well and MP3 is currently the format of choice for digital media consumers'

'The addition of Warner Music's MP3 catalogue to 7digital.com means that over 80% of 7digital.com's 3.5 million track catalogue is now DRM-free.'

'7digital.com is committed to becoming the destination for MP3s and we plan to make our entire music catalogue available in DRM-free, high-quality MP3 format by summer 2008.'

As from today, customers from UK, Ireland, Spain, France and Germany will be able to purchase top name albums for a mere £5.

Amazon UK has also announced its intention to launch its own online Music store later in 2008.