AOL Broadband launches no-ties broadband package

AOL Broadband, which is now owned by Carphone Warehouse, announced today a broadband offer with no long-term contract, and no cancellation fee.

The new Wireless Flexi package allows users to cancel their broadband connection at any time after the first month, with no cancellation fee and costs £14.99 a month.

The service comes with only 10GB usage allowance which is less than Talk-talk's 40GB per month download limit.

There is a one-off connection fee of £49.99, but the package includes a free wireless router worth £50, which the customer gets to keep whenever they leave, giving customers the benefit of wireless broadband.

Vishal Khakhar, Marketing Director of AOL Broadband, said: “Some customers dislike long-term contracts for their internet service in the same way they resist lengthy mobile phone contracts, so we have listened to them. Our new offer means these people and others can now get a fast, modern, broadband service without needing a long-term contract or feeling tied in should their circumstances change or other offers become available.

“We believe this offer will also help bring the benefits of broadband to hundreds of thousands of people. One in ten people with the internet, which is 2.3 million households, still use a slow, dial-up connection. This offer means they can switch to modern broadband internet without needing a long-term contract. The decision to get broadband just got even easier.”