Californian hotel kiosk hacker gets 10 months

A Californian man has been given 10 months in clink for hacking into business Internet kiosks in hotels and stealing credit card information.

Although the sentence initially looks a bit steep, it seems that Hario Tandiwidjojo - who hails from Indonesia - had managed to run up around $34,000 in unauthorised charges from accounts he extracted during a three day series of hacking sessions.

The 28-year-old is said to have pleaded guilty to hacking into around 60 PC-based kiosks operated by Showcase Business Centres in assorted hotels across the state.

Apparently he did this using supervisor override passwords he obtained when he was employed by a company that serviced the kiosks, rather than any great hackery skills.

He then installed keylogging software to scoop up punter's card details and pipe them to his Web site.

When the FBI searched his home, they found a credit card writer, a hacked card terminal and multiple bank and gift payment cards.

Oh, and a state driving licence with his picture on, but with another person's name. Bit of a giveaway really...