Corporate Apple iPhone - Show me the features

With the announcement from Apple tomorrow of their corporate Apple solution, I can only hope that they get their ideas right.

From being disdainful of Apple’s attempt at making a mobile, and as fundamentally flawed as it is, I now want one.

I am surrounded by 1G, 2G and every other G technology, the fundamental flaws in all of these, with a few exceptions, are usability and design excellence.

For the corporate market this is critical as many senior people are, or would, forsake their BlackBerry’s and E’ Nokia’s for Apple’s smooth interface.

What would persuade me to buy one?

Apple will have to show a number of fundamental enhancements to get the corporate market champing for large scale deployment.

For mobile the effect of the OS is more important than the OS itself.

So Apple will have to show:
1. SME and corporate tariffs
2. Security
3. Applications
4. Control and asset management
5. Hardware flexibility and interfacing

It would also be nice to observe some improvements in hardware.

This will be unlikely as the announcement for the 3G iPhone is rumoured for May; so perhaps Apple’s benchmark should be the BlackBerry Curve 8320.