Samsung's 256GB Solid state Drives to arrive in 2009

Korean semiconductor giant Samsung, is pushing forward with plans to introduce 256GB Solid state Drives as early as next year; the company has announced earlier yesterday that it would be shipping traditional 500GB platter-based hard disk drives for laptops in volume to OEMs and PC Manufacturers.

64GB Samsung SSDs have just made it to the market and are currently used in the Thinkpad X300 laptops with 128GB models are scheduled to reach the market by mid 2008 meaning that Samsung is on track to double the capacity of SSDs drive every 12 months or so.

256GB SSDs are nothing new; Stec began selling a 256GB 3.5-inch (read desktop model, not laptop model) Solid State Drive since April last year and a 512GB model should be out fairly soon.

Prices however are a different story : The 256GB model is on sale for $10000 while the 512GB model will be sold for $15000, hardly consumer-orientated.

Samsung's Solid state drives are expected to be much faster than conventional hard drives, harder to break, cheaper to operate and more frugal on electricity consumption.

Although SSDs pricing is exorbitant for now, things are expected to change once the industry adopts multilevel cell (MLC) technology rather than single level cell SSDs although one drawback could be a decrease in performance.