ViaPost's Post over IP emulates Voice over IP

A group of British entrepreneurs have come up with an idea which looks to be the brain child of Dilbert.

ViaPost Limited is debuting a software solution that could cause a major headache for the beleaguered post office.

ViaPost allows businesses and individuals to send out post straight from their computer; Royal Mail offers an online service which allows you to print your postage on their website and just drop it at any post office.

POIP however goes an extra mile; Simply download and install the free software from's website, write your letter or any document and select the ViaPost driver from the printer menu and print your document.

The document is then sent from the customer's application straight to ViaPost where it is automatically sorted, printed, folded and put into an envelope at a centre in the locality of the recipient, thereby cutting down on transportation costs

Royal Mail is still in charge of the final mail delivery though and although costs have not been disclosed, ViaPost's motto, First Class service for Second Class prices, means that prices should not be more expensive than First class stamps.

According to ViaPost's website, security and privacy concerns have been addressed through a rigorous selection of printing partners across the UK who are licenced to handle 'the highest level of confidential correspondence'.

ViaPost has yet to say whether its PoIP service will be considered as recorded delivery by Royal Mail, whether it will be available for the Mac or Linux platform.