Youtube announces streaming services for 2008

Google's video minion, Youtube, has unveiled plans to launch a live streaming service that may rival popular QIK.

In an interview on her blog, Pop17's Sarah Mayer got Youtube co-founder and Chief Technology Officer, Steve Chen, to confirm that the system will go live soon.

"We'll do it this year. Live video is something we've always wanted to do but haven't had the resources to do it correctly, but now with Google we hope to launch something this year," he added.

Yahoo launched a similar service, Yahoo Live, earlier in February 2008 but like many other live streaming services, they still require a computer and a webcam to do the job.

Like Twitter for words, live streaming services will allow users to broadcast themselves to the world albeit with substantial privacy concerns.

According to NMA, live streaming channels could potentially include live music, news stories and other entertainment content.

It is also highly likely that Youtube decides to have a mobile version that would allow people to stream directly to websites and embedded widgets.

Bandwidth could also be another bone of contention, especially as Video consumes much more bandwidth compared to MMS or text and the ISP sector has come under pressure to improve its profit margins.