China's hacking abilities worry the US government

Whilst the US appears to be caught up in selecting the candidates for the next Presidential campaign, the US Defense Department is said to be more than a little worried about China's hacking abilities.

Coming as the Olympics are entering the news frame, this is political dynamite, as reports suggest that China has developed complex systems capable of advanced hacking into computer systems around the world.

According to a report in the Los Angeles Times, the US Defense Department has submitted a secret report to the US Congress outlining its worries.

Whilst not directly accusing China of infiltrating computer systems, the Pentagon paper noted incidents - including reports of hacking in Germany, France and Britain - are consistent with Chinese military


David Sedney, the US deputy assistant secretary of Defense for East Asia, is quoted as saying that the issue of growing concern and has asked China to clarify its intentions.

"Hey - are you going to hack our systems to ribbons?"

How stupid can you get? Mind you, that's politics baby...