e-Procurement : Devil's in the detail

The implementation of a structured process that does the 'running' work for a user will enable them to enrich their own workflow and position within the organisation by purchasing more for the same budget.

But if you don't inform users of the benefits there is an immediate predisposition for them to perceive the implementation as a threat.

Sensitive, managed and open discussions with end users on a regular basis is the key and this should be supported by the offer of appropriate training.

Too many organisations believe the technology they are installing is so powerful that it alone will drive seamless adoption.

This is an organisational mindset that focuses on the installation and ignores the need to change how people work.

A more holistic approach will take account of physical and emotional change.

Old habits die hard but with an inclusive demonstration of organisation and end user benefits, successful implementation is possible.

Failure to consult users adequately can lead to frustrations and controversy, which undermine the project.

This post is part of a series of articles addressing e-procurement and written by Peter Robbins, MD, Probrand Ltd which publishes the Mercato Total Commerce and www.theitindex.co.uk

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