iPhone SDK - coming really soon now. Not.

As I predicted way back when, Apple isn't exactly being forthcoming - allegedly - on when its SDK for the iPhone will ship. Or whether, in fact, it will be a full SDK for third party developers.

In parallel with this, several Apple software developers have publicly stated they plan to develop applications for the iPhone just as soon as Apple ships its SDK.

Which could be the 12th of Never, as the song goes.

You can't blame Apple for this, as a sizeable slice of its profits currently derives from the iPhone (allegedly) and its lucrative (allegedly) revenue-sharing deal with operators around the world.

Meanwhile, rumours are bouncing around that an HSCSD (mobile broadband enabled) version of the iPhone is scheduled for a Q3 introduction.

How to stop sales of the current iPhone in their tracks.

Which, of course, will stymie Apple's release of the full DSK for the iPhone as its executives get jittery about their profits.

It's all so predictable...