Online Encyclopedia Wikipedia rocked by string of internal feuds

It all started when Wales wrote on Wikipedia that he and Rachel Marsden, a Canadian political commentator, had only met once and that their relationship was over; a very public break-up that came as a shock to Ms Marsden.

It could have ended that but Ms Marsden replied tit-for-tat, posting Wales T-Shirt and Sweater on auction site Ebay after he left them in her apartment.

They have both attracted bids totalling several thousands dollars with a few more days left.

Rachel Marsden though is not without controversy herself; A fiery character, she is known to have made rape accusations against one of her former boyfriend and harassed another one.

She has also sent a transcript of their Instant Messaging conversations to Celebrity Tech/Gossip website, Valleywag but it is Wales who will certainly attract the most criticisms.

As The Times writes, Wales, via Wikipedia, may have been involved in redrafting her biography which has sparked concerns that Wikipedia might not be as impartial as it seems.

The Register has also disclosed another damaging report where an Ex-Wikipedia staff has criticised Jimmy Wales for the way he handles the entity's expenses.

Danny Wool mentioned in his blog that Wales owed the Wikipedia foundation up to $30,000 at some point; Wikipedia does not rely on advertising to generate revenues and gets all its funds from the general public.